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Saving Figures

Check mark icons are located on each figure card while browsing and on each figure profile.

Click the check mark to save the figure to your “My Collection” page.

The total number of figures will appear in “My Collection”.

Generally, you can click the “checkmark” icon on each figure card to save and remove each figure from your Collection.

However due to our cache system, the best practice for removing figures from your collection is to go to My Saved Figures and remove the figure your want from there. 

This is the database where figures are saved. 

With our system, you can easily remember all of the figures you own when you’re anywhere where you can buy or sell figures. 

Remember your collection at:

  • Conventions
  • Retail stores
  • Just to show your friends
  • Assisting in insurance claims*

*All insurance companies are different however this would help show them which ones you owned in case of a disaster. FigureList does not retain records of the figures you have saved.

Exploring & Searching

Start by creating an account.  Your account will save things like your figures and your comments.

From there, there are a couple different places your can start exploring action figure profiles on FigureList.

  1. Home page
  2. Marvel Legends Checklist
  3. Featured Figures
  4. Newly Added Figures
  5. Search bar (at top of screen)
  6. Explore Figures menu tab

Each one of the areas offers anywhere from general browsing to searching for specific Marvel Legends figures.

You can search for a specific figure by finding the search bar at the top left of the screen (on desktop) or touching the magnifying glass icon at the top right (on mobile).

From there:

  1. Type in the name of a figure (Example: Wolverine).
  2. Click “View all results”

This will take you to our “Explore” database.  From there you will see everything that comes back with the name of “Wolverine” in the name or description.

Figure Profiles

For each figure, we include:

  • A short description
  • Promo images
  • Year of the release (searchable)
  • Build-a-figure piece (searchable)
  • Series or wave (searchable)
  • Company (searchable)
  • Video reviews
  • Amazon affiliate link to buy figure
  • Estimated value (searchable)
  • Special information

Yes. On each figure profile is a “Suggest an edit” button.  If you located an error or missing information, select the option and write a short message.

We receive these reports on our back-end and are able to make corrections quicker and easier.

my account

Select the sign in option at the top of your screen. Once selected, you will be prompted to create an account using your Facebook, Google or email credentials.

Your account saves your comments/reviews on figures, blog posts and saved figures in your collection. 

Select your profile and go into My Account.  From there, you will be able to change your password.

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Look for the Checkmark.

Click the check mark on each figure card to save them to your digital collection.

The total number of saved figures will display here in your dashboard.

Note: The counter only counts single releases once. So, 2-packs, 3-packs, box sets and duplicates count as 1 figure.

to your Dashboard.

From here, You can manage your account, see the number of figures in your collection and get the latest news & updates.

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