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DC Multiverse Last Knight on Earth Scarecrow

Last Knight on Earth: Bane BAF wave


DC Multiverse Last Knight on Earth Scarecrow

Last Knight on Earth: Bane BAF wave

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  • dabestgamaeva
    September 10, 2021 at 2:14 pm

    This figure is barely worth $10, let alone $24.99. To charge that much is insanity. It has no accessories, little movability, and you only get half of an action figure as there are no legs. That might be the interpretation of this version of Scarecrow, but if I’m going to buy an action figure, I want a full action figure that can stand without a plastic stand piece. The redeeming factors of this figure is that it comes with a build-a-figure torso (which is sub-par at best; also important to note that this isn’t even a compliment to the actual Scarecrow figure) and that the see-through nature of the head sculpt is really cool.

    Overall design

    Paint apps

    Likeness accuracy


    Cool factor

    Love for the character


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