Track your collection with the most complete &
comprehensive Marvel Legends Checklist.

Track your collection with the
most complete & comprehensive
Marvel Legends Checklist.

The Legend


October 23, 2020

In 2002, Toy Biz began production on the widely popular Marvel Legends toy line until Hasbro took over the license in 2007. Marvel Legends are known for having some of the best detail and articulation for a collectible action figure of their class and price point.

This is the complete Marvel Legends checklist featuring every figure released by Hasbro & Toy Biz with up-to-date photos, information, and reviews.

This is an unofficial checklist and not associated with Marvel, Hasbro or Toy Biz.


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The Complete Marvel Legends Checklist - Gambit


marvel legends

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  • FigureFact: The Mandriod Wave was the beginning of the Infinite Series style packaging.
  • FigureFact: 2012 was announced as the "Return of Marvel Legends" after the series was nearly cancelled.
Hasbro era Begins
  • FigureFact: In 2006, Hasbro purchased the master toy license to produce toys and games based on Marvel Comics characters.
  • In 2007, Hasbro continued the Marvel Legends line featuring a new logo & packaging while adopting the "build-a-figure" model.
Toy Biz Era Ends
  • FigureFact: In 2005, Toy Biz introduced the "Build-A-Figure" or BAF starting with the Galactus Series.
  • FigureFact: Inspired by Spider-Man Classics Series 1 & 2, Toy Biz started the Marvel Legends toy line in 2002 using the same approach with the clam-shell packaging and including a comic book with each figure. This is where it started.

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