Retro wave
Black Cat

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October 5, 2020

What do
you say,

As a part of the October edition of Marvel Monday, the Hasbro Marvel Legends team officially revealed the new Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro carded Black Cat figure.

Black Cat is a fan channel exclusive and is now up for pre-order for a November 2020 release at Entertainment Earth and a January 2021 Release at Hasbro Pulse.

Scroll down to check out the promo images and pre-order info.



Retro carded
Black Cat

This version of Black Cat is based on her look from 90s Spider-Man the Animated Series and is just the 3rd Black Cat figure to hit the Marvel Legends line after the Ultimate Green Goblin wave and the Kingpin wave versions.

Accessories: She comes two accessories; her whip and a cute little kitty cat sidekick.

Where to buy: This is a fan channel exclusive and is available at Entertainment Earth, Amazon (not up yet), Hasbro Pulse (Sold out), and more online retailers.

Pre-order links below.


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