• It was pure chance that granted Richard Rider his fragment of the cosmic power known as the Nova Force. He was just some smart aleck kid from Queens, dreaming the same other big dreams as everyone else. The closest he d ever been to being a Super Hero was seeing the Avengers Quinjet once in a while. Since the day he felt that first rush of power, he s traveled the universe and battled against and alongside some of the most powerful creatures in the known universe. He has turned back the aggression of entire star empires, and become the last survivor of an annihilated culture. His power enhanced by the absorption of the entire Nova Force and the Xandarian Worldmind, he serves now as a final bulwark against perhaps the greatest threat our universe has ever faced. Add this articulated action figure to your collection. Ready for action, this Nova figure is highly detailed and one of six in the Nemesis Series. Collect all six figures (each sold separately) to build your own Nemesis figure!
  • Includes the Right Leg of the Build-a-Figure.
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