• Since he was fifteen years old, Peter Parker has borne a terrible responsibility. At that young age, he was simultaneously gifted and cursed, bitten by an irradiated arachnid and given the proportionate strength, speed and wall-climbing abilities of a spider. Since then, he has been obsessively targeted by the most dangerous and depraved men in the world – not the least of whom is the Green Goblin. Every hero has a nemesis, but few have suffered so greatly as Spider-Man at the hands of this frightful foe. For decades, the Green Goblin has toyed with Spider-Man, playing games with the wall-crawler's life. Fortunately, Spider-Man has defeated his enemy every time, but he's never been able to put the Green Goblin down for long! Collectible Spider-Man figure is the ultimate in posable detail. Bring the notorious web-slinger to “life” with 34 points of articulation. Use the figure’s interlocking base to connect to other Marvel Legends Unleashed figures (each sold separately) and reconstruct some of the most epic battles from your favorite comics.
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