Welcome to FigureList.

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Welcome to FigureList.

We strive to be your ultimate action figure checklist.

As we get started, we will be focusing on adding all (yes we mean all) Marvel Legends from Hasbro and Toy Biz then adding MAFEX, DC and Star Wars collections to our online database. 

We are also focusing on adding cool tags and features such as variants, exclusives as well as keeping track of figures considered hard to find or grails.

Be sure to find the check mark and add them to your digital collection.

More updates to come!

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About FigureList

FigureList is the ultimate online action figure checklist. 

Keep track of your Marvel Legends collection by saving figures you own to your digital collection.

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    Look for the "Rate this figure" button on each figure profile. Leave a review to let people know your opinion & give your total score out of 5 stars. All scores average together to display a total overall rating for the figure on each profile.

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