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Legend of the Week #001: Beast

Presented by Exclu Magazine
March 9, 2020

This is the first installment of our new weekly content series called the Legend of the Week.  In collaboration with Exclu Magazine, the legend of the week will feature a different Marvel Legends figure every week spanning the entire 18 years of the line’s existence and will feature photos from amazing toy photographers from the Marvel Legends community. 

The figure.

It’s only fitting that the very first “Legend of the Week” was our 2019 Marvel Legend of the year. 

The 2019 Marvel Legends X-Men: Caliban wave Beast was a highly anticipated figure that came with a brand new sculpt all around and has been one of the best versions of Beast in the entire Marvel Legends line.

Now days, Beast is one of the more sought after figures from the Caliban wave as alot of new collector’s missed out last year when the wave hit stores.  Beast now sits at around $70 on Amazon however you may be able to get lucky and find him cheaper on eBay.

The photo.

The photo we chose for Beast was done by @By_the_bulb on Instagram.  It shows Beast and Sauron having an epic battle and captures the dynamic situation perfectly.

Follow @by_the_bulb on Instagram to see more.

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