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Legend of the Week #004: Juggernaut

March 29, 2020

The Legend of the Week for 03-29-2020 is none other than the unstoppable Juggernaut.

The figure.

This week’s figure is technically two different figures from Hasbro. Juggernaut’s first Hasbro comic book version release was the Build-a-figure in the 2016 X-Men Juggernaut wave while his second release was part of 2019’s Marvel 80th anniversary 2-pack with Colossus.

While the 80th anniversary figure not only features brighter paint apps, Hasbro also packed in some extra hands, a battle damaged helmet and an alternate head sculpt.

Both versions are slightly different but are both great Juggernaut figures all around.

The photo.

Juggernaut is unstoppable and this photo captures his power perfectly as he takes out several random Hydra soldiers.

Follow @toysaremydrug on Instagram to see more of his work.

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