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Marvel Legends Wishlist: X-Men Sentinel BAF Wave

November 1, 2019

The Toy Biz Sentinel Build-a-Figure from 2005 is still one of the most sought after and impressive build-a-figures in Marvel Legends history.

Since that version, Hasbro has released their own version of the Sentinel 3 different times over the years but never have they included it as a build-a-figure in a wave.

Hasbro’s Sentinel releases include:

The Hasbro versions are slight repaints and two of them are technically not Marvel Legends series but like the Toy Biz version, they are great versions of one of the X-Men’s greatest rivals even if they are all of them are hard to get due to the prices on the secondary market.

So now, we think it’s a good time to break a Sentinel apart, give it some more detailed paint apps and put together a Marvel Legends wave that may will need to include more figures than a normal wave. But hey this is for fun anyway, right?

This is our list of 10 Marvel Legends that Hasbro should make for Sentinel Build-a-figure wave.

01. Rictor

With the recent Marvel Legends additions of 2019’s Havok and Polaris 2-pack, 2018’s Apocalypse wave Multiple Man and 2020’s upcoming Strong Guy build-a-figure, Rictor is a much needed figure to help finish off the 90’s X-Factor team.

X-Men Rictor

02. Maverick

Maverick hasn’t been seen in plastic form since the early Toy Biz days.  So, we thought he would be great figure to make his debut as long as he had the right amount of firepower. Plus we thought he would make a good adversary for all the Wolverine figures you have in your collection.  

03. Deathbird

The third figure in this wave that would be making their Marvel Legends debut, Deathbird has been redesigned over the years however he 90’s look may be one of the coolest.  You could even imagine that Hasbro could literally just repaint the 2017 Titus wave Angela figure, add some accessories and that would be perfect.

04. Rachel Summers

Rachel Summers as Phoenix with her red suit and spikes is her most iconic look.  Even though we’ve seen Rachel in the 2007 Brood Queen wave as Marvel Girl, the Phoenix version of Rachel would be a great figure to have in our 90’s X-Men Marvel Legends collection.

05. Banshee

There have been rumors that Banshee won’t be made again in the Marvel Legends line but we are saying that we want an updated version of Sean Cassidy.  The only time he has appeared in the Marvel Legends line was in 2007’s Annihilus wave so, we think its time for an update.

06. Siryn

Unlike her father Banshee, Siryn has never appeared in the Marvel Legends line however she would be much welcomed addition as Hasbro has doing a great job with female figures in the past few years even if they lack double jointed elbows.

07. Random

Random is one of the last remaining members that we need to complete our X-Factor collection and literally the 5th figure on this list to never debut in the Marvel Legends line. 

08. Albert

If you thought Wolverine wasn’t going to appear on this list, you would only be half right. In the comics Albert was the robotic double of Wolverine and since we haven’t gotten him in the Marvel Legends form, why not add ole Al?

09. Bone Breaker

A possible Build-a-Figure is his own right, Bone Breaker could prove to be too large for a typical Marvel Legends package. So, this would be a good opportunity to give him the slightly larger package (like the 2018 Archangel deluxe figure) and have him be the wave’s Fan Channel exclusive and help us add more Reavers to our collections.

Exclusive: Savage Land Rogue

A figure that would have fit in the 2018’s Sauron wave, Rogue would make a perfect candidate for a Walgreen’s exclusive.  Now, we know that this version of rogue may not get approved by Disney but we could always use more of her in our Marvel Legends collection.

Build-a-Figure: Sentinel

Even though, there have been 3 versions of the Hasbro Sentinel, the build-a-figure version would give every collector another chance to add it to their collection.  Now the question is, will the BAF pieces fit in the packages? 

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Do you agree
with our list?

Let us know in the comments who would make your list
for a Marvel Legends Sentinel BAF wave.

Let us know in the comments who would make your list for a Marvel Legends Sentinel BAF wave.

  • Marvel Legends Wishlist: X-Men Sentinel BAF Wave 17
    June 6, 2020 at 10:53 am

    While Rictor is worthy of being on this list, he wasn’t on the X-Factor 90’s team as described. What we are missing to finish that team off is a 90’s X-Factor Wolfsbane.

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