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Marvel Legends Children of Thanos 5-pack

October 8, 2020

Hear me
and rejoice.

Today, the Hasbro Marvel Legends team officially revealed the new Marvel Legends Avengers: Infinity War Children of Thanos box set.  This was a set that the Marvel Legends team teased during one of their live streams earlier this year with the damaged “post-snap” arm of Thanos.

This Children of Thanos box set is an Amazon exclusive and is now up for pre-order for $119.99 USD and is for a December 15th, 2020 release date.

Check out the promo images and pre-order info down below.


box set

The Children
of Thanos

Details: This new Marvel Legends Children of Thanos box set or 5-pack is all 6-inch scale and is based on the Black Order’s look from the Avengers: Infinity War movie. And if you remember, similar versions of Thanos and Cull Obsidian were build-a-figures in other waves so the size of this box should be pretty large.

These appear to be mostly repainted figures with the exception of Thanos’ new arm and head and Cull Obsidian’s armor. Either Cull has a completely new body mold or he has a new rubber vest overlay and reused parts for his updated armor.

This set includes:

Accessories: This set comes with 6 extra accessories. A sword and staff for Proxima Midnight, a staff for Corvus Glaive, an ax for Cull Obsidian, and an extra “damaged” head and arm for Thanos to recreate “the snap”.

Where to buy: This is an Amazon exclusive set for release on December 15th. Pre-order links below.

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