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November 4, 2019

2019 is nearing the end and Hasbro has already released over 128 Marvel Legends this year. This means we’re starting to build our list for the 10 best Marvel Legends of the year. But with so many great figures we need your help to figure out who takes the crown for the very best Marvel Legends figure of 2019.

Submit your vote down below. Feel free to add new options that aren’t on the list.

Voting ends December 1st 2019. 

Who is the best Marvel Legend of 2019? (Non-BAF)

X-Men Caliban Wave: Beast
X-Men 3-Pack Jean Grey
Retro Collection Storm
80 Years Iron Man
SDCC Exclusive Hulk
Avenger Endgame: Hulk wave War Machine
Power & Glory Captain America
Far from Home wave: Mysterio
80 years 2-pack Hulk
Mr. Sinister
Professor x

This poll has been finished and no longer available to vote !

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