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Legend of the Week #002: Jean Grey

March 15, 2020

Making her way to the Legend of the Week at #2 is the 2019 Marvel Legends Fan Channel Exclusive Jean Grey.

The figure.

Now, this Jean Grey figure isn’t the best figure in the world and didn’t even make many top 10 lists for 2019 for many reasons. She almost made our 10 best Marvel Legends of 2019 but ultimately didn’t make the list for many reasons. This doesn’t take away from the fact that its Jean Grey, one of the best X-Men of all time and the fact that this Jean is a much improved version of the 2013 Rocket Raccoon wave Jean Grey.  This figure is ultimately a great addition to the X-Men collection and a must have.  

The photo.

We chose this photo because this photo really tells the story of how fierce and powerful Jean is.

This photo we chose for Jean Grey was shot by Casey Evans or @warrior_evans on Instagram and Twitter. Casey is consistently one of the best Marvel Legends toy Photographers there are.

Follow him @warrior_evans on Instagram to see more.

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