Marvel Legends Joe FixIt wave

September 26, 2020


Being announced at Hasbro Pulsecon 2020, the Marvel Legends Joe Fixit wave features a couple of debut figures, some repaints, and a much-anticaped update.

This wave includes:

  • Falcon (comic version)
  • Jocasta
  • Captain America (Gamerverse version)
  • Iron Man (Gamerverse version)
  • Thunderstrike
  • Kang the conqueror
  • Joe Fixit (Gamerverse version) – build-a-figure

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Although we’ve seen 4 MCU versions of Falcon over the years, this is the 1st comic version of Falcon from Hasbro in the Marvel Legends line. He also came in at #3 on our list of the 20 most Wanted Marvel Legends. This version of Falcon features the brand new “Bruce” body mold that was debuted with the Retro wave Spider-Man figure.

Accessories: He comes with two interchangeable flying hands and a set of wings that attach to his forearms and biceps.

Build-a-figure piece: Comes with the left arm of the Joe Fixit build-a-figure.



Based off her classic look from the comics, this Jocasta figure marks the debut for the character in the Marvel Legends line.

Accessories: She comes with 2 interchangeable open hands and 2 fisted hands.

Build-a-figure piece: Comes with the Torso of the Joe Fixit build-a-figure.



The Gamerverse Captain America comes in this time around sporting his stealth suit from the video game. He is a repaint of the other Gamerverse Captain America.

Accessories: He comes with a set of interchangeable hands, a masked head and an unmasked head.

Build-a-figure piece: Comes with the left leg of the Joe Fixit build-a-figure.



This Iron Man figure is a repaint of a Target exclusive Starboost Iron Man figure from the Avengers: Gamerverse wave one. This time around, he dawns his Atmosphere Armor from The Avengers video game and comes with an unmasked Tony Stark head.

Accessories: He comes unmasked Tony Stark head and a set of interchangeable fisted hands.

Build-a-figure piece: He comes with the right leg of the Joe Fixit build-a-figure.



Another debut figure in this wave is Thunderstrike. Based on his look from the ’90s, this is the Eric Masterson version even though the packaging says Kevin Masterson (his son).

Accessories: Comes with his hammer, one interchangeable fisted hand, and a removable vest.

Build-a-figure piece: He comes with the head of the Joe Fixit build-a-figure.



This makes the second figure in this wave that appeared in our 20 Most wanted Marvel Legends figures. This is the 2nd version of Kang that Hasbro has released and seems to be a major improvement over the 2008 Ares wave version.

Accessories: Kang comes with 3 interchangable hands and neutrino-ray gun.

Build-a-figure piece: Comes with the right arm of the Joe Fixit build-a-figure.


Joe Fixit

Joe Fixit has been a long-awaited addition to the Marvel Legends line although maybe not this exact version. This version is based on one of Hulk’s extra skins from the Avengers video game and appears to be a brand new bold mold all around like most build-a-figures.

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