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The 20
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Marvel Legends
for 2020.

April 20, 2020

As a result of several fan votes in Facebook groups and taking our own social media polls, we started building this list in early February.

And then Toy Fair happened.

At New York Toy Fair 2020, Hasbro unloaded a barrage of Upcoming Marvel Legends for the new year. Some we’ve been wanting and some that we didn’t even know we wanted.

And as our heads are still spinning from all the reveals, we can’t help but to think of the characters that we still want updated and the ones that still need to be made into a Marvel Legends figure for the first time.

So let’s get into it, here is our list of the 20 most wanted Marvel Legends for 2020.

20. House of X

Okay, right out of the gate we cheated a little bit. At #20 we’re asking for an entire House of X wave but who could could blame us when House of X/Powers of X was one of the hottest selling X-Men comics since the release of Jim Lee’s X-Men #1. It’s for that reason, we really think this one is coming this year.

See who made our wishlist for the House of X wave, HERE.

The 20 most wanted Marvel Legends for 2020 1

19. Siryn

Unlike her father Banshee, Siryn has never appeared in the Marvel Legends line before however she would be a much welcomed addition since Hasbro has been doing great with female Marvel Legends figures over the past couple years. And with the recently announced pin-less system, this would be a good time to make a great first appearance for Siryn.

18. Longshot

We haven’t had a Longshot figure since he was last seen in the 2006 Toy Biz Mojo BAF series. That figure was great however, it’s time for a well-deserved Hasbro style update for Mojo’s most hated adversary.

17. Kang the Conqueror

Kang the Conqueror has been one of the most asked for characters to get an update since he was included in the 2008’s Wal-mart exclusive Ares wave. Considering that there are all kinds of upcoming MCU movie rumors, it would be a good time for a Kang update and he would be perfect in a wave with #15 on this list.

16. Maverick

Maverick hasn’t been seen in plastic form since the early Toy Biz days. So, we thought he would be great figure to make his debut as long as he had the right amount of firepower and accessories. Plus we thought he would make a good adversary for all the Wolverine figures you have in your collection.

UPDATE: While building the list for this article, Maverick was announced at New York Toy Fair 2020 to be released in the Deadpool: Strong Guy BAF wave later in the fall.

15. Mole Man

Last seen in the Ronan the accuser wave, this is another figure that would benefit from a much needed update. Besides since the entire Fantastic Four just received an update, an updated Mole Man would make for a great addition for that collection.

14. Savage Land Rogue

Savage Land Rogue would have been a great fit in 2018’s Sauron wave. We think she would make a perfect candidate for a Fan-channel exclusive to make it easier for Disney to sign off on production. And even with the recent announcement of a modern Rogue coming later this year, this is still a Rogue that no one would say no to.

13. Lady Deathstrike

Lady Deathstrike was last released in 2006’s Toy Biz Onslaught series. The figure it self was okay but not great. So, this is one that could benefit from one of Hasbro’s updates as Lady Deathstrike would be great figure to have paired with your massive Wolverine collection.

12. Banshee

There have been rumors that Banshee won’t be made ever in the Marvel Legends line again but an updated version of Sean Cassidy would be awesome. The only time he has appeared in the Marvel Legends line was in 2007’s Annihilus wave. So, we think its time for an update for the Irishman.

11. Pyro

Pyro was previously released in 2006’s Toy Biz Onslaught series. Even 13 years later, he is still a great figure to have in your Brotherhood of Evil Mutants display however, it is time to see Hasbro’s take on the Australian flamethrower.

10. Rachel Summers

Rachel Summers as Phoenix with her red spiked suit is her most iconic look from the comics. Even though we’ve seen her in the 2007 Brood Queen wave as Marvel Girl, the Phoenix version of Rachel would be a great figure to have in our 90’s X-Men Marvel Legends collection. Her look is very 90’s and would look amazing in one of our X-Men displays.

09. War Machine

This is one on the list that fans have been asking for for a while now. We’ve had several MCU versions of Rhodey over the years however we haven’t had a good comic book version of War Machine since Toy Biz’s Galactus wave.

UPDATE: While building the list for this article, War Machine was announced at New York Toy Fair 2020 to be released as a Deluxe figure later in the year.

08. Madelyne Pryor

Hasbro reps have said many times that a figure of Cable’s mother would never get approval from Disney unless her costume design changed drastically. With that said, we say we could make a compromise and give her a black Mystique style outfit to cover her up a bit and there you have it, the Goblin Queen herself!

07. Dragon Man

While never actually appearing in the Marvel Legends line before, many consider the 2006 Fantastic Four Classics Dragon Man as part of the Marvel Legends family. Today, he is one of the most sought after figures in the secondary market today with prices sitting around $650 USD MOC and $250 USD loose.

Needless to say, a Build-a-figure of Dragon Man is hopefully going to happen in the future.

06. Morph

Originally created for the X-men the animated series TV show, Morph has become a fan favorite over the years. He’s had a couple figures in the original Toy Biz X-Men line but still hasn’t been produced in Marvel Legends form until the Age of Apocalypse version later this year.

A classic Morph is bound to make the shelf sooner than later.

05. Toad

When Toad was originally released in as a part of 2002’s Toy Biz Marvel Legends Series 1, he had virtually no articulation. This was because he was a last minute addition to the line. We think its time to see a new Jim Lee inspired Toad figure with current day articulation. Throw in some extra hands and a couple extra head sculpts and this could be one of the best updates in the line.

04. Shadow Cat (Classic)

A classic Kitty Pryde has been on a lot of fans wish list for a very long time and with Hasbro releasing retro carded Fan Channel exclusive X-Men figures more and more, it looks like there could be a pretty good chance we will finally get a classic version of Kitty Pryde.

03. Falcon (Comic)

With the same situation as War Machine from earlier, we’ve seen the MCU version of Falcon several times however, the classic costume comic version is something fans have been waiting for since the he appeared in Toy Biz’s Mojo series back in 2006.

02. Storm (1st appearance)

Quite possibly one of the most requested figures in recent memory, Storm in her 1st appearance or Giant size X-Men uniform is a classic look that is much needed for every 80’s X-Men fan.

But now your wait is over…

UPDATE: While building the list for this article, Storm was announced at New York Toy Fair 2020 to be released as a Target exclusive later this year.

01. Firestar

After the release of the X-Men Retro Collection’s Iceman and the upcoming Spider-Man retro wave’s Spider-Man figure featuring new articulation, many fans can’t wait to bring together one of the most beloved superhero teams of all time, Spider-Man and his amazing friends.

Until then, you will just have to settle for the Toys R Us exclusive 3-3/4 inch Marvel Universe 3-pack.

Catch this and more in the
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Catch this and more
in the pages of
Exclu Magazine.

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Let us know in the comments who would make your list for a Marvel Legends Sentinel BAF wave.

  • The 20 most wanted Marvel Legends for 2020 32
    Isaac K P Tan
    August 17, 2020 at 11:20 pm

    War machines, iron men, Capts, Panthers, Thors. C’mon. The Marvel Universe is so huge with so many other interesting characters be it heroes or villains, still the same figures coming out year after year.

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