New promo images & pre-order info for DC Multiverse.

September 23, 2020

it's the bat!

It’s official!

We had full intentions of adding the McFarlane DC Multiverse to our site since we started and now its official!

With that, Todd McFarlane and his DC Multiverse have been on a roll this year with reveals and figures that we’ve never seen in plastic form especially with the DC Dark Nights Metal characters. 

They’ve recently revealed several figures that have people excited for the 7″ scale action figure line. 

Scroll down to check out the info and promo images.


Latest reveals.

The latest wave to be revealed finishes off the DC Dark Nights Metal series with 4 figures:

  • Damian Wayne Robin
  • Red Son Superman
  • Dark Night Metals – Death Metal Batman
  • Dark Night Metals – The Drowned

These figures are 7″ scale and are scheduled to go up for pre-order in October/November for a January 2021 release.

Stay tuned for more information on these.

Another wave that has recently revealed is the Last Knight on Earth wave with 5 figures that include:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Scarecrow
  • Omega Batman
  • Batman
  • Bane (Build-a-figure)

These figures are 7″ scale and based on the Batman: Last Knight on Earth storyline. They are scheduled to go up for pre-order in November for a February 2021 release.

Stay tuned for more information on these.

Now up for pre-order.

And here in the last month as we were building out new DC Multiverse checklist & database, several DC figures went up for pre-order. They include:

  • Arkham Knight Batman
  • Arkham Origins Deathstroke
  • Teen Titans Cyborg
  • Flash & Red Death 2-pack

These figures are 7″ scale and are up for pre-order now for October 2020 releases.

We have added these to our DC Multiverse checklist with pre-order links down below.

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New promo images and pre-order info for DC Multiverse 18


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