The 10
of 2017.

This is our list of the 10 best Marvel Legends
of 2017 along with some honorable mentions.

The 10
of 2017.

This is our list of the 10 best
Marvel Legends of 2017 along
with some honorable mentions.
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We take a look back to put together our list of favorite Marvel Legends released by Hasbro in 2017.

The rules for the list are:

  • No Build-a-figures.
  • No 2-packs, 3-packs or Sets.
  • No international exclusives.
  • Repaints are allowed.

This is our list of the 10 best Marvel Legends of 2017.


10. Black Panther

This is a figure that many passed up or possibly never seen at your local Wal-Mart but its a solid comic-book version of Black Panther even though its a repainted version of Black Panther from the Rocket Raccoon wave in 2013.

09. Hela

From the third Thor Movie, Hela is a highly sought after grail that has reached upwards of $100 on the secondary market.  She is one of the best MCU figures to date with her movie accurateness and cool factor.

08. Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a character that has grown in popularity over the years. Some would even say he is Marvel’s version of Batman. We just think the figure is cool with his black and white armor that makes for a super clean look. 

07. Spider-Man

Possibly the best Spider-Man figure in the Hasbro era, this black suit Spider-Man is just a great execution of the simple suit design with large eyes based on the artwork of Todd McFarlane we all know and love.

06. Vulture

Sometimes when a character is redesigned for a movie, it isn’t a very popular direction. The Vulture suit design from Spider-Man: Homecoming is one of those times where the movie version is a refreshing redesign making this figure one of the best MCU Marvel Legends ever made.

05. Mary Jane

Included in the Toys R Us exclusive Spider-Man 2-pack, this Mary Jane figure is the only time MJ has appeared in the Marvel Legends line. She has a simple look and a great head sculpt that puts her in the 5th spot on our list.

04. Cyclops

This Cyclops figure is one of the most sought after figures in the Marvel Legends line. With the iconic Jim Lee suit design, Cyclops not a perfect figure however as the leader of the X-Men and a fan favorite, he is much needed to complete our 90’s X-Men collection.

03. Deadpool

A version of Deadpool that many may not have known even existed. Offered as an exclusive at Hasbro’s Hascon event in 2017, the X-Force grey Deadpool is packed with guns, knives and tacos which makes him just plain cool and possibly tough to acquire.

02. Green Goblin

With his classic comic book look, Green Goblin comes in at number 2 on our list. This Green Goblin is just a great figure with an amazing head sculpt and perfectly captures the look of of Spider-Man’s most famous foe.


01. Dark Phoenix

A major improvement over the 2016 Juggernaut wave Phoenix, this Dark Phoenix figure is so visually stunning that it makes her #1 on our list. Even 2 years after her release, Dark Phoenix is still one of the most highly sought after Marvel Legends as she goes for about $100 loose or $200+ unopened on the secondary market.  

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Do you agree with our list?

Who are your 10 best Marvel Legends of 2017?

Do you agree
with our list?

Who are your 10 best
Marvel Legends of 2017?

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