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The 10
Toy Biz

This is our list of the 10 best Marvel
Legends released by Toy Biz.

The 10
Toy Biz

This is our list of the 10 best
Marvel Legends released
by Toy Biz.

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Toy Biz reinvented the action figure with their highly detailed 6-inch line of action figures called Marvel Legends. 

Each figure came packed with a super poseablility, a comic book and diorama stand. They were like small super-poseable statues with collector friendly clam shell packaging.

Now, we look back to put together a list of our favorite Marvel Legends released by Toy Biz from 2002 to 2006.

This is our list of the 10 best Toy Biz Marvel Legends.


10. War Machine

This War Machine figure was a long time highly anticipated figure as he is one of the most accurate comic book versions of War Machine. The Galactus Series War Machine is simply one of the coolest Toy Biz Marvel Legends.

The 10 Best Toy Biz Marvel Legends 1

09. Green Goblin

One of the most comic accurate Green Goblin figures ever made. This Green Goblin is a nearly perfect version of Spider-Man’s greatest foe complete with his glider.

08. Ghost Rider

The Series 3 Ghost Rider comes with his Motorcycle as a display stand. And when you have a motorcycle for a display stand, a flaming skull and a retail price of $9.99, you have one of the best Ghost Rider figures ever.

07. Phoenix

When Series 6 hit the shelves, Phoenix was the hottest chase figure since the Series 3 unmasked Wolverine.  This Phoenix comes in the classic green costume as well as the red and gold Dark Phoenix costume.

06. Hulkbuster

One of the largest pieces of Marvel Legends plastic that came in the clam shell packaging,  this Hulk buster armor Iron Man is impressive as you could get it new for only about $10.  Now days, a figure this size would only be available as a Build-a-Figure or special edition 2-pack.

05. Pyro

Pyro is one of the lesser known X-Men Villains for casual fans however Toy Biz did a great job on this figure. Still a great figure by today’s standards (2019).  The only thing that would make him better is some flame effects.

04. Apocalypse

When he was released, Apocalypse was easily the most sought after figure in Marvel Legends Series 7 and even still today. He is one of the most impressive pieces that Toy Biz produced in the Marvel Legends line in terms of size and detail for only $9.99.

03. Deadpool

The definitive Deadpool figure for a long time, the series 6 Deadpool was packed with accessories one of everyone’s favorite Marvel Legends at the time and still to this day.  This figure still goes for upwards of $125 on the secondary market.

02. Cable

Coming in at number 2, is the Nathan Summer or better known as Cable. This is a highly detailed figure based on the Jim Lee version with Yellow and Blue or the Brown costume variant.

01. Juggernaut

Prior to the Build-a-figure era of Marvel Legends, The Series 6 Juggernaut used nearly every bit of space in Toy Biz’s clam shell packaging.  When he was released, this was a figure that every collector had to have because of his impressive size, detail and cool factor even though he was next to impossible to find. 

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