The 5
of 2018.

This is our list of the 5 best Marvel
Legends Build-a-Figures of 2018.

The 5
of 2018.

This is our list of the 5 best Marvel
Legends Build-a-Figures of 2018.
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Since 2005, build-a-figures have encouraged collectors to buy every figure in a Marvel Legends wave with the ultimate goal of building a larger figure.

Every year Hasbro continues to deliver bigger and better build-a-figures based on character from the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is our list of the 5 best Marvel Legends Build-a-figures of 2018.


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05. The Lizard

There have been many versions of the Lizard over the years but none as impressive as Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Lizard Build-a-Figure from this Spider-Man wave.  Lizard has incredible detail and would make for a great battle scene in your Spider-Man display.

Figures & BAF pieces:

04. Sasquatch

The Marvel Legends Sasquatch Build-a-figure is a great update from the 2005 Toy Biz single carded version of Sasquatch.  The paint apps on this skunkape are really good and he is a must have for your Alpha Flight Collection.

Figures & BAF pieces:

03. Sauron

The Marvel Legends Sauron Build-a-figure is one of the best figures period in the Marvel Legends line. With his large wingspan and articulated jaw, Sauron makes a great addition to our Brotherhood of evil mutants or Savage Land display in our collections.

Figures & BAF pieces:

02. Monster Venom

Released around the same time as Sony’s Venom movie, this Marvel Legends Monster Venom build-a-figure is massive, menacing and just plain awesome.  Even if you’re not a fan of the more modern comic book design, there is no doubt that this Monster Venom build-a-figure is one of the best Marvel Legends build-a-figures to date.

Figures & BAF pieces:

01. Apocalypse

The Marvel Legends Apocalypse Build-a-figure is a nearly perfect plastic version of the first mutant. Apocalypse’s metallic blue paint apps and great sculpting work make him one of the most popular build-a-figures of all time.

Figures & BAF pieces:

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